Our approach

We support high-potential companies on their journey to scale, with a commitment to integrity and long-term impact.

Flexible capital

How we invest matters less to us than who we invest in.

We tailor our capital to align with the priorities of our portfolio companies and partner investors—providing financing when and how it is needed most. We invest in the journey, often making multiple capital commitments over the years.


Our flexible capital includes both direct investments and a unique secondary strategy. We bring a growth-equity mindset to secondaries, providing liquidity to early investors while offering the support companies need to realize scale.

Every company is unique—and so are their capital needs. As a partner in growth, we adapt our investment strategy to align with each company’s trajectory to scale. We can lead or follow, and don’t have strict requirements around check size, ownership, or board participation.

We tap into our extensive network to help companies access capital at critical growth moments, providing introductions to trusted syndicates, our limited partners, and co-investors. 

Operational impact

As former operators, we understand the highs and lows of the path to scale. We offer guidance based on real-world experience, aiming to be your most valued partner—in moments both big and small—on the road to exit.


As seasoned operators, we provide a trusted, nonjudgmental sounding board for founders and executives as they navigate day-to-day leadership decisions—from business strategy, to hiring and developing a team.

Why do you build and for whom? We help our portfolio companies identify the most meaningful possibilities for a product and its features—defining the true jobs-to-be-done and strategic roadmaps for short- and long-term impact.

Go-to-market success is about more than just selling. We partner with our portfolio companies to zero in on the most efficient routes to market and build sales teams with the customer acumen needed to excel.

We think beyond revenue to empower portfolio companies to become truly efficient businesses. In partnership with leaders, we help optimize unit economics, efficiency metrics, benchmarks, and even team dynamics in service of a healthy financial future.

We work hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies to determine the optimal timing, process, and partners for raising capital. We also facilitate introductions to the market, leveraging our network to simplify the journey to continued growth.

Trusted connections

We’re fortunate to know exceptional founders, business leaders, and investors from around the world. As a principle, we don’t gate keep. Whether it's introductions to another investor or a prospective customer, we catalyze relationships that will help our partners grow.

Maik Taro Wehmeyer from Taktile shake hands with another founder at an intimate dinner hosted by NewView Capital
Members of the NewView Capital team stand together smiling during an offsite event with tech company founders
Carl Chiou from William Blair smiles while listening to Jeff Chang from Qatalyst Partners share insights at a NewView event
The founder of NewView Capital, Ravi Viswanathan, mingles with portfolio company founders at an event in New York City

Our values

At our core, we are a values-driven venture firm. Our principles are the guiding force behind every investment, partnership, and decision we make.

We believe that trust is the most important currency in venture. We build authentic relationships through fair, transparent, and honest action. We keep our word and strive to do the right thing—for our companies, our investor partners, our firm, and the tech ecosystem at large.

We commit to the people and deals we believe in, and dedicate our full attention to building high-quality, enduring partnerships. We stay the course through the highs and the lows, taking a long-term view on success.

We value humility and are not afraid to let others lead. We embrace different perspectives, recognizing the limits of our knowledge. As a firm, we seek partners who are similarly down-to-earth and open-minded.

We believe in good work with good people. From day one, NewView Capital was built with collaboration in mind. We don’t work in silos—within our firm and with our partners. We believe that many is always more than one, and approach every challenge and opportunity as a team.

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves to find solutions. We prioritize active engagement with our portfolio companies and partners, investing the time and presence of mind to drive meaningful impact.

“Incredibly supportive. One of the best venture capital firms we’ve worked with.”